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Athena's by Katie Amero

Zing! Foot Fizzies

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Show your feet some love this summer with an AMA-ZING soak! Place your feet in a basin of warm water and drop in a Zing! Foot Fizzie. The large pores in feet act like oversized straws and absorb the nutrient-rich compounds quickly, feeding vitamins and minerals into the bloodstream. This foot pampering ritual strengthens immunity and moisturizes while reducing pain and inflammation. The stimulating scent of peppermint can rejuvenate in the morning or relax and soothe at night to promote peaceful sleep. For best results, follow with our invigorating Zing! Foot Scrub and healing Zing! Foot Butter (sold separately).
Two 2.2oz. Fizzies included in each bag
Phthalate and sulfate-free
Contains nut oil and milk
Made In The USA