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Athena's by Katie Amero

Mighty Tidy Toy Cleaner

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Keep your bedroom accessories squeaky clean.  This lightly scented, low foaming, concentrate is a unique cleanser that uses the latest technology to combat bacteria. It has a broad spectrum of anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties to keep toys clean, fresh, and ready for the next use.  This is a must-have to keep all your toys fresh and ready for play.  
Use Athena's exclusive antibacterial, soap-free formula to assure fresh, clean toy use every time.  Tested and proven effective in killing 99% of 3 major microorganisms (Staph - Staphylococcus Aureas, E Coli - Escherichia Coli, and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa.   
Directions: If a toy is electrical, unplug before cleansing.  If a toy is battery operated or uses a USB cable, remove batteries or cable.  Generously spray toy and wipe with a clean cloth.  No need to rinse.  We recommend using Mighty Tidy before and after every Toy use.    
Available in a convenient travel 4 ounce or Super Saver 8 ounce size
Made in the USA
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