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Athena's by Katie Amero

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

Exfoliating Sugar Scrub

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Using raw and organic Demerara sugar makes our Exfoliating Sugar Scrub one of the finest natural humectants on the market. While gently removing dead skin, the sugar simultaneously hydrates, allowing the skin to plump naturally. The glycolic acid encourages cell turnover to promote new growth and softness. The scrub is enhanced with organic shea butter, hemp seed, and grape seed oil for a smoother, more polished appearance. Use our Ayate Wash Cloth (sold separately) to apply our Exfoliating Sugar Scrub for an invigorating experience.  

5 great scents - Sereni-TEA, Peachy Keen, Black Raspberry, Cherry Almond &  for a limited time Pumpkin Apple!

8 ounces
Phthalate and sulfate-free
Contains nut oil
Made In The USA
THC free
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