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Athena's by Katie Amero

Crystal Deodorant Spray

Crystal Deodorant Spray

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Athena's Crystal Deodorant Spray provides 100% all-natural 24-Hour maximum odor protection for men and women.  This amazing mineral salt mist stops odor-causing bacteria before they multiply on the skin.  It is unlike synthetic or other natural deodorants that temporarily mask body odor or clog pores which prevent the body's essential production of sweat.  This incredible mineral salt simply improves the skin's PH level and eliminates odor.

Ideal for underarms, sensitive intimate areas, feet, and footwear.  This spray is especially beneficial for people with sensitive skin who experience irritation when using chemical-based products.  Simply spray 4-6 times on any odor-producing area of the body.
Dries quickly
Suitable for all skin types
No chemical additives
No animal testing
Free of aluminum chlorohydrate and zirconium
8 fluid ounces 
Ingredients: Purified water, Natural mineral salts.
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