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Athena's by Katie Amero

Fantasy Essentials Kit

Fantasy Essentials Kit

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This titillating fantasy kit comes in a seductive burgundy color that looks beautiful on all skin tones. Tempt and seduce your lover with the alluring Satin Blindfold, dainty Feather Tickler, and 2 silky Satin Tethers. These three pieces allow you to experiment with power exchanges and sensation play. Your fantasy beings by tying your lover to the bedpost or chair with the restraints. Blindfold them to set their other senses ablaze. Next, playfully trace and caress their body with the soft feather. We're sure you can take it from there! Hand wash satin cuffs and blindfold.

Materials: 60% Polyester / 15% Polyurethane / 12% Rooster feathers / 8% Phthalate-free PVC / 5% Elastane

Tickler length: 9 inches
Blindfold length: 5.5 inches
2 Satin cuffs length: 54 inches
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