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Athena's by Katie Amero

Ayate Back Strap

Ayate Back Strap

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Grown, harvested and woven in Mexico, our cactus fiber washcloths are all-natural and mildew resistant. When placed in water, the fibers magically soften and expand. Use to exfoliate and remove unwanted dry skin cells. Long-lasting and safe to wash with laundry.  

It may not be front and center, but your back is just as important as the rest of you! Give it the attention it deserves with the ingenious, all-natural Ayate Back Scrubber. The exfoliating cactus fibers massage and invigorate the skin. The soft woven surface gently cleanses and refreshes. It's flexible enough to treat hard-to-reach areas. Your back will thank you for it.    
HOW TO USE: Wet the Ayate Back Strap, apply your favorite cleansing bar or body wash and rinse away dead skin cells. Also works great as a massage cloth with lotions or with aromatherapy products. Safe to use daily.
Dimensions: 21 inches Long X 7.5 inches High
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